Your day to day Vegan, moving to the Green Side!

Well its been awhile my friends, been a busy boy! Cooking up a storm! Working like mad, and living life!

So now that I have re-grouped and settled down some. I am at the blog again! 

If you are a person looking to move your life over to the Green Side, you might wonder where and how to start. My best advice to you is start in your own fridge and pantry.  If your food stores are abundant of pre-packaged, preservative and fat filled items toss them. Some may think that because it is convenient and tasty, it should be good, right? But that is the furthest from the truth. 

Modified and designed foods are no longer foods.  They become a product. The refining, preserving of foods, usually means that the good parts of the whole food ingredients have been removed, and preservatives, sugars, and salt have been added. 

For example, look at the newest breakfast bar fad. A granola bar, one bar can have 125-180 calories per bar, also added sugar, and salt. Then the list of ingredients that are hard to pronounce exceed the whole food ingredients.
What these products are DESIGNED to do is taste good, and be quick about it. But they are fast to digest, because they are full of refined,(already broken down and simplified) items. They have been created to appeal to your cravings, not your nutritional needs.

The best designed foods are designed by MOMMA NATURE!

So take those products out of your cupboards. And never look back. They spike your blood sugar levels, and always leave you hungry. For me, when I used to buy granola bars, which usually come in a 4 pack. Id eat all 4 in one sitting. Some of you may do that too. Even though I was not satisfied, full, I felt like I was being health conscious, because it was granola after all.

Eating whole foods, are just that, whole. I like to look at whole foods this way, they really do fill the hole! I am a ravenous person, I can consume large amounts of food in on day, I am 6’3″. But since moving to a whole food diet, I now know what full really is! For breakfast, I alternate between oatmeal or fruit smoothies. I do use a vegan protein shake in my smoothies, but the ingredients are from whole foods, for the most part. From when I used eat a sugar cereal, with 2% milk, easily i could eat 3 cups. And oddly enough it takes 1 hour to digest 1 cup of cow’s milk.

But yet after an hour maybe 2, I’d be hungry again. Now I can have a cup of cooked oatmeal with agave syrup or honey (now all PETA vegans chill, the bee throws up, and lives on, and it tastes great with plenty of health benefits) with a tea or coffee, and Im full for hours, without the sugar crash, after an hour.

Now for those of you who are looking at tips to keep a whole food diet through your day, GRAZE all day! Snacks are easier then you might think. Not only having whole food snacks on hand, keeps your packaging waste down, you wont be buying overpriced packaged items. For instance 6 apples is approx $2.75-$3. and will last days. A bag of chips and a soda is over $3. And lasts minutes.

Look at a chocolate bar, 180 calories, full of refined white sugar,(refined white sugar has been linked to feeding cancerous tumours) and a list of preservatives to long to list. Takes less then 5 minutes to eat, and after an hour you will crash and feel less then par. Where as 3 large strawberries a handful of mixed nuts, and an apple takes a little longer to eat but your body will also take alot longer to break down, and you wont have the sugar hi and low effect.

Now speaking of nuts.

Nuts are an awesome source of protein, omega 3’s, fiber, and energy! They are filling and take awhile to digest, which means hunger pangs disappear, and your day can move on without hi’s and lows.

Now buying nuts, I always go to a bulk food store. I can reduce packaging waste by taking my own containers to fill, it is way cheaper to buy a pound of mixed nuts there, then smaller packages at a regular grocer. And I can easily grab a handful for a snack. And $12-$15 worth of bulk nuts will last me two and a half to 3 weeks. $12-$15 worth of chips, maybe a week.

Not only is buying whole food better for you, you wont be eating chemicals and pounds refined white sugars every year, your pocket book will feel the ease as well.

If you are a person who needs to have a lunch, my best advice take leftovers from the day before! Reduce your food wastage! I find that when I make dinner now, I make sure I make enough to take a meal with me to work. Especially if I have a day that is going to be an 8 or 10 hour day.

Now speaking of dinner, what does a big ole boy like me eat for dinner. Well I live and love all beans!! Lentils!! OMG LENTILS!! I love chilli, curry, stir fry’s, casseroles, salads, and SOUPS!!! And the best part is, I can stuff my face with as much veggie foods as I can, because I am a person who neeeds that full feeling, and not feel one bit guilty! Well not feeling guilt unless I make a garlic mashed potato pot. A guilty pleasure of mine!

Now speaking of mashed spuds. I have found that any meal the requires butter or margarine, use olive oil or peanut oil, even almond oil! And you wont miss the hard cow fat flavour, or margarine,(which was invented to fatten up cattle) at all! I never get heartburn or indigestion either!

Well My friends I have to start my fabulous day! Ill Start blogging meal ideas later! Hope you all enjoyed the read!! And let me know what you think too!

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Stay strong!!!

I must say that today living the vegan life was tempted! But i did not give in as should you!

It was a long day, with the last of my day the longest. Needing to pick up cat litter i found myself perched in front of the beloved CHIPS!

Oh it was going to be the toughest moment of my day! It was I tell ya!! A big bag of salty flavoured (ketchup twas going to be my prey last night!) and a litre of Pepsi! Oh how I salivated over that combo last night!!

But my desire for a quick fix was soon quenched when I thought about the red dyes, the refined sugars, the carbonate leeching calcium out of my bones. Not to mention my arteries hardening from all the salt!! Oh how that cleared my mind!

So instead my friends, I went home diced up romaine, opened a can of bean medley, chopped some parsley. Onion, added balsamic olive oil, and fried me up a falafel paddy! Dinner was awesome! And it took 10 minutes!!

A whole food dinner, filled my belly to the top! And I didnt have a want for anything after that!

These temptations are always going to be there. But they always leave you wanting more!

So to that I say stay strong! If this hardcore snack fiend can say mo o crap “foods” anyone can!!!

Have a fabulous day all!! Stay Pretty! Stay STRONG!!

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The gym and the breakky before the gym!

So today I was in the gym for 1.5 hrs. I cycled my best today! I dont know how I could ever not workout on the regular! I feel and look the best I ever have!

I have hired a trainer too, Jason’s his name. He totally gets my humor and workout ethic. Although I think he has lofty goals that may be hard to achieve but I am working hard on them.

A typical weight workout is in the,”drop weight” style. Which, for instance, bicep curls, do a set of ten with 20lb barbells, then another 10 reps with 15lbs, and another 10 with 12.5lbs. Do that in # sets, and that last set of reps with 12.5 lbs and your arms feel like rubber. AND trust me, after that wiping sweat off your brow is very difficult, or wiping anything else for that matter. JUST SAYIN!
So for one hour a workout, Jason says no more then that, you can do 8 different exercise’s. Then cardio for 30 minutes, but I tend to go further on the bike. And I am chomping at the bit to get my bike back out on the streets!

So now I’m back in the rhythm of going 5-6 days a week! I always go earlier then later, usually &30 is ideal. The gym is usually emptied out from the morning bizz people. But seeing some of those hard bodied men in their business attire… A total motivator too! Nothing like a well dressed man to get your mind, in the I have to get fit, mindset!

Not that I am comparing myself to anyone, because I don’t need too. I got what I got and now I know how to make it great!

Working out for me is not just about looking great naked, its all about my health and the hot body is a secondary benefit! Total body fitness makes your whole great! MIND AND BODY! As I had previously mentioned I had bad mood swings. Now I am waaaay more stable, I hope! Its a beautiful feeling!

Working out rids your body of toxins, and burns off fat and cholesterol. Strengthens your body and reduces stress! That should sell to anyone to get their butts into a working out regime. For me it started with a 20 minute walk at night. it is not hard to do! If I could do it at 362lbs there is no reason why anyone cant!!

Its called get over your ego! Get over your embarrassment! What I have found at the gym is this; ya there are overweight people in the gym, but y’know what we are there to workout! And I have praise for all those people who are putting in the effort to get healthy!

Ya I called people fat, because I was.My environment had only shown me to be negative. And calling them fat made me feel better. Because I was so low. But now I secretly cheer those overweight people who show up to the gym!! In my head I scream,”GOOD ON YA!!” And they too inspire me to keep pushing! The gym, despite all of its microbial grossness, public nudity, and sweat equity is a great place to be!

My get up and go fuel!

I also started my days a week ago with fruit smoothies, which has in it: two kale sprigs,handful of spinach, about 5 tbl spoons of raspberries, blueberries a green apple a banana and a scoop of vegan protein powder (Vega Sport, which has 26 grams of protein per scoop). Topped with almond milk! Who needs caffeine when…! I make about 2 liters every morning! And drink 1 liter prior to the gym. When I get home I add another scoop of protein powder and a little more almond milk and finish it off. And Im good for the morning!

I had to stop with oatmeal or granola for breakfast. I found all day the crazy craving for more carbs was realllly annoying! And being that I am an addictive person. This Queen needs to slim down and do it on a full stomach!!

So in the last week of giving up that carb breaky, which was HARD, I had a few days of fuzzy head. But that is gone now. And I can have all my fruit for the day with veggies, and protein. And I can have almost two liters of it, and not feel guilty! Again you reading this are also on my journey too!! I do feel that giving up that sugar spiking, carb breakfast. Your day will have more energy without that 2pm crash!

When I am at work I take a banana, a green apple, and a grapefruit or an orange, and a salad. My dressing is homemade, with veganaisse balsamic vinegar, a little olive oil and spices, similar to my fav ranch dressing! Its that easy!

And trust me that smoothie fills me up so well, I dont get that awful hunger pain at all!
And with working out you need to nourish your body properly! Protein is so very important! And if you are vegan meat is not on this menu! And beans are a little hard to take in at 6 am! So I recommend a vegan protein shake!

Until my next blog post take care my friends! And remember if it had a face it shouldn’t be eaten!

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Now that that’s been said…

So now that I have spilled what got me to the obese level, mentally, and by what I was eating. Here is how I began the change.

Once I got my mind under control it was time for me to get this vessel of future hotness from a hotmess to that hotness! Washing all negative out of my life was the first step, getting my super highs and super lows to level out. This Bitch really had to stop my ego,(me feeding into my cravings). I had to build brick wall in that circle, that downward spiral, that I was slipping easily into. There was no way I was going to leave this world as an obese chronically fatigued, arthritic mess. No way was I going to be taking heart meds, liver damaging cholesterol lowering pills,(because that would cut into my wine!) or Spending the later years of my life eating a diet of 20 pills a day to stay alive. No FREAKING WAY!

I began with simply taking red meat and milk out of my diet. To me this was hard!! I loved me my ground beef! OOOOOOHHHH did I love me some burgers! Like Wimpy from the Popeye comic strip gimme a burger you gimme life! But even lean ground beef left me with heartburn and a tractor tire sized waistline!

That was harder then I thought. My daily diet consisted largely of 2% milk. Close to 2 liters a day. As well as a liter of chocolate milk was a common nightly treat. What the hell was I going to do without milk!? All nutritional information I had known says,”Milk is good for you and you need “x” amount daily to lead a healthy life”. How can you live without it?

Again I will reference,”Forks over Knives”, the documentary that changed my life, bovine products and by products cause chronic illness. I lived in constant agony, never a day started without taking 2 ibuprofen prior to getting out of bed. So that was a light at the end of the tunnel. Really? I could get out of bed without stiff swollen joints and a ten minute hobble to the bathroom, that is no more then 13 feet from my bed? Where I had a vacuum and door knobs that I would almost fall too to make sure I had a stable something to hold onto. Like canes.

Okay I’ll TRY this no milk in my diet and see what happens. It has to be better then popping up to ten ibuprofen pills a day. And yes, some days I would ingest that many pain pills to get through a day! Well to this skeptic proof was in the pudding! Not three days into my no milk in my diet diet, I woke up and was not in pain! Jeeezalouizza!!! For real!!??? Yup!!! there I was no pain! My right ankle and knee, (which had been my evil nemesis since I played football and had injured them) were not swollen or stiff or sore!! I almost cried! The beef aspect was enough just from the fact that eating a pound of beef in one sitting, put another pound on the scale.
But after being told for so many years that milk helps reduce and maintain a “HEALTHY” weight, I was fooled into believing I was at a healthy weight! So there was no way in my mind that milk was causing all these other health issues I was experiencing! No WAY!!!

But there I was standing up and walking with no assistance! Seriously!! For all of you who had sprained an ankle, and know how painful it is to walk on, that was how my day started every freaking day! Everyday was a gauntlet to get tot he bathroom, or even sit up in bed, depending if my right hip was inflamed or not. And as we all know chronic pain leads to chronic asswholeness!

Sold!!!! I’m buying into this no milk in my diet thingy full force! LOL!

But Pizza!!! Pizza was a weekly or twice weekly meal! I would eat a whole large whole wheat thin crust pepperoni and side bacon pizza in ONE sitting! So I figured Id just get a veggie pizza! Deleting the meat meat made it healthier right!? WRONG!! Only two pieces of regular cheese pizza contains a minimum of 34 grams of fat! So adding veggies only added fiber, and salt. But didn’t make it healthier. My ego was so bruised over this! I want PIZZA!!! But it was not a few days later I found there I was eating a veggie pizza with cheese. And low and behold! After a few days of pain free living, I eat a pizza with cheese, and I woke up the next day with that familiar pain once again! yup again the cycle continued more pain relievers to get out of bed. Horrible!

And that was when I gave up cheese for the most part!

I always hear from people how there is no way that they could give up cheese. If more people could see cheese for what it really is, refined milk fat with salt, injected with sugar bacteria and mold, and see that the fat in their bodies not only had the same color as wet cheddar cheese. Or how their cholesterol levels spike when they eat it, they would veer away from it as well.

I will confess, that I have had cheese and beef in this last year, as well as fish! Again I am human! The cheese came on a pizza where I didn’t request no cheese, and I ate 3 pieces. Being I was at work busy as all get out and vampirically hungry I ate it! Woops! that lead to a painful stomach ache and gas! Oh the gas! And then when I was recently in Toronto, my right arm had brought so much booze to my mouth,(Which I will admit was an amazing night out with my cousin Les!). I ate burgers! And again I had the same issue! Sorry Laura-Lee! But the booze clouded my judgment and let me forget what happens when you eat beef. That took a week for me to get my digestive system back to some level of normalcy.

This Blog is for me to spill it all and get out how a healthier path is possible, even for a an addictive foody like me! Ya I have slipped up, but naturally we ALL DO! But how you own your own is how you will own your truth! I am not perfect! I am not without flaws! I am a human that is on a path to a herbivorous lifestyle. But I can still screw up! I just refuse to beat myself up over it! If I was eating meat weekly I couldn’t write this blog! I am writing this blog to air the truths of my life! And how I can preach,and yes my friends I will preach this, how amazing I feel!! AND LOOK!!!!

Now for the fish that I have consumed, once a month or two I would have ahi tuna while eating sushi. But the percentage of how much fish I eat is minimal to the whole food diet I am eating on a daily basis. Again I am human not a robot. Now I do not have fish at all. And let me tell ya kids, my body is more thankful for it. I do miss the fish, but I as I have chosen to not consume any animal products or by-products. I can honestly write this blog.

So how do I get my protein? HOow is it possible that a man that is 6’3″ with a 50″ shoulder gonna get enough protein and calcium to survive?! Without devouring cow flesh and secretions!? Chicken was gone from diet 4 years ago, due to a case of poorly cooked chicken from a Mexican restaurant, pork as well just for the fat content. But HOW do I workout, on a regular basis, and not intake animal products? EASY!!! BEANS! Quinoa, lentils and a vegan protein shake! YUP a Vegan Protein Shake! It can be done! Beans and lentils are now a daily part of my diet. I do drink a protein shake post gym everyday.

I will be following this up with recipes and price comparisons as well, thanx to the hard work and dedication to the vegan lifestyle, and personal inspiration, of my cousin the Crazy Vegan Mommy! Whose blog you should read as well

So as you can see protein does not have to have two or four legs! Or fins for that matter!!!!

Well my friends I am off to get ready for bed! I have a long beautiful day of fabulous clients who I get to style! Let me know your thoughts and opinions please!

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Here I sit.

  I’ve been back at the gym again, full on!  weigh in at 270 lbs. To some of you that may seem a horribly high number. In my world that is amazing! I am 6’3″, with broad shoulders, although people may be more polite then I perceive, have always been told I never look the weight I was. At 362 pounds more people would refer to me as.”BIG GUY”. A term I have despised ever since I reached my current height. How would people appreciate my response to that was to point out their most obvious physical trait? Such as,” Oh hey, guy with one nostril larger then the other!” or ” Hey person with breath like you just ate a rotten corpse!” . 

     My stature has always been my biggest embarrassment. As you can see I’m going on my mental make up as to how i perceive myself. I was not raised to take pride in my image or myself. There its out there! I became an emotional eater. And Like many others out there, and maybe you reading this. I found that solace in food, where I didn’t get comfort through my growing up environment. That part is now dealt with and we are moving on!  At one time a group of friends once referred to me as,”Big Daddy”. A pet name, with every mention, made me cringe with shame. 

     I found now, in the words of RuPaul Supermodel of the World’s Grandmother,”What other people think of you, is none of your business!” Words more should live by! My journey to MORBID OBESITY, was a slow progression, as my road to healthy fit and georgeousness won’t be! 

     I am human, with all the salt and sweet cravings. Comfort food, a love for red wine, all comes with the territory of being me! And I love ME! I Love me enough to really pay attention to what I do to the body that is mine. I really should care more for this vessel my mind and soul is occupying than I had in recent years. It almost seemed like because I am so tall that I should have been just as big around. 

     Negative body image issues include an unfortunate side effect. Even when people are expressing their admiration, fondness, or love, it is not perceived as compliments. It is all a horrible insult, and negative critique.  Wow huh!!!??? Who knew calling your kids fat, or comparing them to others would have such a long lasting affect that bites you in the ass later.

      My emotions were controlled by food and my food intake were controlled by my emotions. Bloody hell I hate cyclical shit like that! And here is how I broke that like a plate at a Greek wedding! 


      Now that I had the knowledge that the food I was eating caused my health issues, I had to break that cycle of emotional highs and lows. Which I know now where also determined by the foods I was eating! Yup eating processed foods with artificial anything actually affected my moods! A name brand cola, made me feel great! For a few moments, then I had to chase that dragon’s tail to keep that high all day. But you had to come down at some time. And that come down is hard as f**k! So then I had to soften that come down with a comfort food. Pizza and potato chips were my comedown drugs of choice. It is so easy to go to the local corner store grab chips and dip (and another liter of cola) eat the whole bag, and container of dip. And yay! I felt fuzzy cozy sleepy and good!     

     I was an un-leveled person! I needed to level out and figure out how to make that path to a static life of happy! I was seeing a therapist for 3 years to level my head and wash off that negative armor I had worn for most of my life. Thank you to her for her help and words of wisdom and enlightenment!  Once I started to see that light on that issue I knew it was time to fix the physical damage I incurred because of those insecurities.

    After doing my research about food and “foods”, I now know that the “FOOD” industry has poisoned me into thinking that what they had pre-prepared for me in those shiny, pretty, easy to open packages. Was not food at all! But a chemical shit storm, that my body would store as fat. And I firmly believe that those chemicals made me want more of those chemicals, and steered me away from real WHOLE FOODS. 

   It was not uncommon for me to buy a pound of ground beef, a packet of hamburger noodle and sauce. And eat the whole pound in one sitting. And still feel hungry! Imagine eating a pound of beef, noodles salty sauce and believe that you still needed more food. 

Here’s why.

     Because I hadn’t eaten real whole foods, my stomach would still feel empty. Because my body was trying to find nutrients of some kind in that vat of fat steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones and fecal matter (ps they have found that in ground beef for every 500lbs of ground beef there is 1lb of fecal matter, that they radiate with an x-ray machine to kill the fecal matter. Yup! Research it!) There was just enough real food nutrients that your body will want more of it. Especially when all you are ingesting is that highly processed refined food, and not any real foods. Think about that.


   As I said before, deleting bovine products from my daily diet, it took three weeks before I had clarity. It was three weeks before I stopped craving my old favorites, cheese, beef, milk, dips, sour cream, mayonnaise. And pre-packaged foods.  It was three weeks before I could clearly make a food choice when I was grocery shopping. Three weeks before I woke up without a fuzzy head, and physical pain. Three weeks of being lost on how to eat a meal. Or prepare one for that matter!

    Because bovine is in sooo many of those foods, I found I was not just looking at the nutritional content, but the ingredients too! you will be shocked at how many of those “foods” have cow in them!

      So if the majority of highly processed, refined, pre-packaged products, contain bovine by-products, and obesity, heart disease, cancer rates are at the same percentage levels that are in packaged foods, why are you eating them?

     Well my friends you ponder that and let me know what you think! Its late, and time for me to rest before I hit the gym tomorrow and start my day fresh! I am also super excited to try my new mincer out!!  To make homemade falafel from scratch! Yay! Sleep well, because a great nights sleep is essential to a great life! Mwhua! 


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My first go! Page will be under construction while I go!

About two years ago, sitting in a doctors office, I was given the results of a physical and blood test. The results really weren’t good at all.

My weight at the time was 362 lbs, my cholesterol level 6.67, my blood sugars way off the chart.  In short, I was preparing myself for blocked arteries, heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. As the doctor delivered my results and prognosis, she also handed me a prescription for a cholesterol reducing drug. I was numb.

Walking out of the clinic, the news still sinking in, bitch you in trouble!  I felt that weight you hate to feel, the light headed dizzy feeling. The cold sweat on the brow, but the rest of you is on fire, with a touch of Niagara Falls. A pain in the chest. The mindset I had built about me, my weight (to which i am 6″3′, and was always referred to as big guy) crashed.

So as I have learned, once its all broke, fix it!

That was day one. The hardest, yet easiest day. I’m a smart cookie, I can figure this out. So the first thing I had to do was remove fat from my diet, but I like fat!!! Clarity took 3 weeks. The craving for fat, I craved that rich creamy oh my gawd! That buttery cheesey and salty foodgasm with every bite!!! Which is what i had been doing. A salad wasn’t a salad with ranch dressing and a cup of cheese right!?!!??

There is no way you can eat an extra large pepperoni pizza, with bacon, without a two liter of cola. Of course a large bag of flavored chips always went down best with cream cheese dip! oh and don’t forget a two liter of cola. Oh how i could devour a two liter of pop in only a few hours or less! And ice cream!! Whoa WHOA! Loved my chocolate ice cream!! with caramel sauce of course!! My teeth are vibrating just typing this.

My body was a dumping ground for preservatives, chemicals, sugars, salts and fats. I was feeding my ego, not nourishing my body. That day at the clinic, was my epiphany day. My body was only carrying me around, a vessel for me to be. And I took it for granted. I figured because I walk a lot, never drove a car, I stand for a living, I’m doing alright…?

Truth was, hell no I wasn’t!!! And the doctor had proof of it!! Being told your blood sugars are looking pre-diabetic, and sugar was such a player in my daily game!! My first coffee, the first can of soda at work, plus the coffee and pastry from the local coffee shop. plus the two coffees with two cubes each.

You can see the pattern, the cycle, or dare I say downward spiral.

Hairstylist by trade, I like to think I’m a fun outgoing, charismatic guy with talent and flare! But the truth was, mood swings were common, fatigue, restless sleep. Not too mention those moments, waking gasping for air. Chronic joint pain, due to having rheumatoid arthritis, always in a flare up.

At that time my friend gave me a copy of,” Forks Over Knives”, many of you I know have heard me go on about its accolades, although it took me 6 months before I watched it.

It was also at this time my beautiful and amazing cousin Crazy Vegan Mommy, Laura-Lee,  and I re-connected via Facebook!  And low and behold she had also gone vegan!! It all started coming together! The change had to happen for me soon! Laura-Lee went through a serious scare while she was pregnant, and fought for her and her babies health by making the change!

I was 39, and it happened, at first I had done the vegetarian path. But still ate dairy, and eggs and fish. But the only benefit I found was my mood swings began to subside but weight and pain where still there. Not as strong was the pain but the swollen angry knees, hips and feet still required me to have a glass of water and a bottle of ibuprofen, on my bedside table.  There was no way I could make it to the washroom first thing in the morning in under 10 minutes of painful hobbled walking without taking two pills 20 minutes before getting out of bed.

I initially blamed playing football for the pain, injuries I incurred during my 4 years of playing in my youth. I had justified all of this pain to football twenty five years ago. In reality it was my diet.

Then on a stormy rainy night when the satellite was out, I had watched all the movies I owned, the the only thing I had not watched was,”Forks Over Knives”. So I ordered a cheese pizza with peppers and pineapple. Sat down and began too watch it. Halfway through, what I consider my saving grace, I had to vomit. Seriously kids! This cheap ass homo, who never puked due to the fact I paid for it,  had to get out that cheese and veggie pizza outta me!!! I paused the movie voided my belly, then went to my fridge and cabinets and threw out anything that had any animal products in it.

It was in this documentary that they found dairy and animal products triggered rheumatoid pain. FOR REAL!!!??? What the hell!?!?? My doctor kept telling me dairy was essential to my health! I was totally misinformed, lied to by a doctor is how I felt. That Bitch lied! And when I asked her about how dairy was a trigger, she could not give me a straight answer and danced around the “maybe’s” of what was the truth. Bitch got fired that day! From her posture facial expressions and color, I knew she was cornered, and didn’t have a way out. When I mentioned to her bovine protein and secretions (milk) where the cause of cholesterol, she simply said,”yes”. She conceded that right off. Yup the Bitch was not looking at my health entire! But she sure was ready to give me a trial of another cholesterol reducing drug that day. Can you believe she actually had a bottle in her hand to give me when she walked into the room! For real!

Hell to the no was I taking this sitting down!

It was the beginning of June 2011, raining buckets, and there I was taking out 30 lbs or more of “foods” that contained any dairy dyes and preservatives, to the garbage bin. I came back into my apartment and could not believe  what I had done. Not the throwing out or up, all those “foods”, but the fact that I was fooled into believing that these substances I was eating was called food!!!

I did not sleep that night, after watching the rest of,”Forks Over Knives”, I tossed and turned with guilt about what I have done.

And again I have found, if it all broke, fix it!!!!  And this Bitch had a lot too fix!!

After turning vegetarian I dropped from 362 lbs to 323 lbs. I had gone from a measured waist of 52 inches, yup you read it right 52!!! to a measured waist of 48. But that still held me in the category of obese, and pre-diabetic, my new  physician told me so.  My cholesterol had only dropped one point, I started working out.

At first I went with a friend, but she petered out after 3 weeks. And I knew that I couldn’t go on this journey with anyone else. I could not let someone else denote my success, nor hold me back (ps only I held me back). This is my burden to bear I thought. But that was me projecting my failures onto her. Sorry to her I say. And bad on me for not owning this! It was no one else’s burden but my own.

Getting over my ego, i.e. me giving into the craving. And I say craving because I had addictions to certain substances in the “foods”I was eating. It seemed like I couldn’t go on without the dairy, cola or sugar. I am an addictive personality.  When I excluded dairy from diet, that was the three weeks that took me to clarity.  The few days that followed my rejecting dairy cravings, I was fuzzy headed almost befuddled, in a haze. Sluggish in a cloud, I felt worse then I had before. But there was an almost instant pro to this. My painful swollen joints, all but faded away.

The first morning that I woke up and simply walked to the bathroom without pain or pills, (also my bathroom is 13 feet from my bed). I almost cried!! I knew that part of my life was over!

It had begun! my journey through life without pain! An unthinkable thought not a year previous! Was now a reality!!! Yup truth was in the pudding, as “they” say. Dairy outta my diet for 3 days and holy shit! I could walk!! Without pain! AND with dairy out of my life, it was August of 2012, my new physician told me, ‘your cholesterol is text book perfect.” I almost hugged her! My blood sugars stable! I had given up the cola, the ice cream, chocolate bars, and processed foods.

This is my my body, my story and my proprietorship!!!! I am Vegan hear me ROAR!!!!!

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