Now that that’s been said…

So now that I have spilled what got me to the obese level, mentally, and by what I was eating. Here is how I began the change.

Once I got my mind under control it was time for me to get this vessel of future hotness from a hotmess to that hotness! Washing all negative out of my life was the first step, getting my super highs and super lows to level out. This Bitch really had to stop my ego,(me feeding into my cravings). I had to build brick wall in that circle, that downward spiral, that I was slipping easily into. There was no way I was going to leave this world as an obese chronically fatigued, arthritic mess. No way was I going to be taking heart meds, liver damaging cholesterol lowering pills,(because that would cut into my wine!) or Spending the later years of my life eating a diet of 20 pills a day to stay alive. No FREAKING WAY!

I began with simply taking red meat and milk out of my diet. To me this was hard!! I loved me my ground beef! OOOOOOHHHH did I love me some burgers! Like Wimpy from the Popeye comic strip gimme a burger you gimme life! But even lean ground beef left me with heartburn and a tractor tire sized waistline!

That was harder then I thought. My daily diet consisted largely of 2% milk. Close to 2 liters a day. As well as a liter of chocolate milk was a common nightly treat. What the hell was I going to do without milk!? All nutritional information I had known says,”Milk is good for you and you need “x” amount daily to lead a healthy life”. How can you live without it?

Again I will reference,”Forks over Knives”, the documentary that changed my life, bovine products and by products cause chronic illness. I lived in constant agony, never a day started without taking 2 ibuprofen prior to getting out of bed. So that was a light at the end of the tunnel. Really? I could get out of bed without stiff swollen joints and a ten minute hobble to the bathroom, that is no more then 13 feet from my bed? Where I had a vacuum and door knobs that I would almost fall too to make sure I had a stable something to hold onto. Like canes.

Okay I’ll TRY this no milk in my diet and see what happens. It has to be better then popping up to ten ibuprofen pills a day. And yes, some days I would ingest that many pain pills to get through a day! Well to this skeptic proof was in the pudding! Not three days into my no milk in my diet diet, I woke up and was not in pain! Jeeezalouizza!!! For real!!??? Yup!!! there I was no pain! My right ankle and knee, (which had been my evil nemesis since I played football and had injured them) were not swollen or stiff or sore!! I almost cried! The beef aspect was enough just from the fact that eating a pound of beef in one sitting, put another pound on the scale.
But after being told for so many years that milk helps reduce and maintain a “HEALTHY” weight, I was fooled into believing I was at a healthy weight! So there was no way in my mind that milk was causing all these other health issues I was experiencing! No WAY!!!

But there I was standing up and walking with no assistance! Seriously!! For all of you who had sprained an ankle, and know how painful it is to walk on, that was how my day started every freaking day! Everyday was a gauntlet to get tot he bathroom, or even sit up in bed, depending if my right hip was inflamed or not. And as we all know chronic pain leads to chronic asswholeness!

Sold!!!! I’m buying into this no milk in my diet thingy full force! LOL!

But Pizza!!! Pizza was a weekly or twice weekly meal! I would eat a whole large whole wheat thin crust pepperoni and side bacon pizza in ONE sitting! So I figured Id just get a veggie pizza! Deleting the meat meat made it healthier right!? WRONG!! Only two pieces of regular cheese pizza contains a minimum of 34 grams of fat! So adding veggies only added fiber, and salt. But didn’t make it healthier. My ego was so bruised over this! I want PIZZA!!! But it was not a few days later I found there I was eating a veggie pizza with cheese. And low and behold! After a few days of pain free living, I eat a pizza with cheese, and I woke up the next day with that familiar pain once again! yup again the cycle continued more pain relievers to get out of bed. Horrible!

And that was when I gave up cheese for the most part!

I always hear from people how there is no way that they could give up cheese. If more people could see cheese for what it really is, refined milk fat with salt, injected with sugar bacteria and mold, and see that the fat in their bodies not only had the same color as wet cheddar cheese. Or how their cholesterol levels spike when they eat it, they would veer away from it as well.

I will confess, that I have had cheese and beef in this last year, as well as fish! Again I am human! The cheese came on a pizza where I didn’t request no cheese, and I ate 3 pieces. Being I was at work busy as all get out and vampirically hungry I ate it! Woops! that lead to a painful stomach ache and gas! Oh the gas! And then when I was recently in Toronto, my right arm had brought so much booze to my mouth,(Which I will admit was an amazing night out with my cousin Les!). I ate burgers! And again I had the same issue! Sorry Laura-Lee! But the booze clouded my judgment and let me forget what happens when you eat beef. That took a week for me to get my digestive system back to some level of normalcy.

This Blog is for me to spill it all and get out how a healthier path is possible, even for a an addictive foody like me! Ya I have slipped up, but naturally we ALL DO! But how you own your own is how you will own your truth! I am not perfect! I am not without flaws! I am a human that is on a path to a herbivorous lifestyle. But I can still screw up! I just refuse to beat myself up over it! If I was eating meat weekly I couldn’t write this blog! I am writing this blog to air the truths of my life! And how I can preach,and yes my friends I will preach this, how amazing I feel!! AND LOOK!!!!

Now for the fish that I have consumed, once a month or two I would have ahi tuna while eating sushi. But the percentage of how much fish I eat is minimal to the whole food diet I am eating on a daily basis. Again I am human not a robot. Now I do not have fish at all. And let me tell ya kids, my body is more thankful for it. I do miss the fish, but I as I have chosen to not consume any animal products or by-products. I can honestly write this blog.

So how do I get my protein? HOow is it possible that a man that is 6’3″ with a 50″ shoulder gonna get enough protein and calcium to survive?! Without devouring cow flesh and secretions!? Chicken was gone from diet 4 years ago, due to a case of poorly cooked chicken from a Mexican restaurant, pork as well just for the fat content. But HOW do I workout, on a regular basis, and not intake animal products? EASY!!! BEANS! Quinoa, lentils and a vegan protein shake! YUP a Vegan Protein Shake! It can be done! Beans and lentils are now a daily part of my diet. I do drink a protein shake post gym everyday.

I will be following this up with recipes and price comparisons as well, thanx to the hard work and dedication to the vegan lifestyle, and personal inspiration, of my cousin the Crazy Vegan Mommy! Whose blog you should read as well

So as you can see protein does not have to have two or four legs! Or fins for that matter!!!!

Well my friends I am off to get ready for bed! I have a long beautiful day of fabulous clients who I get to style! Let me know your thoughts and opinions please!


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2 Responses to Now that that’s been said…

  1. Sharron Charlton says:

    I am a vegetarian because of the fact I don’t want to give up cheese. After reading this I am really considering trying to do it. It will be soooo hard for me but I am going to try. I have high cholesterol, which runs in our family so I know it would be best for me. Thanks for your insight.

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