The gym and the breakky before the gym!

So today I was in the gym for 1.5 hrs. I cycled my best today! I dont know how I could ever not workout on the regular! I feel and look the best I ever have!

I have hired a trainer too, Jason’s his name. He totally gets my humor and workout ethic. Although I think he has lofty goals that may be hard to achieve but I am working hard on them.

A typical weight workout is in the,”drop weight” style. Which, for instance, bicep curls, do a set of ten with 20lb barbells, then another 10 reps with 15lbs, and another 10 with 12.5lbs. Do that in # sets, and that last set of reps with 12.5 lbs and your arms feel like rubber. AND trust me, after that wiping sweat off your brow is very difficult, or wiping anything else for that matter. JUST SAYIN!
So for one hour a workout, Jason says no more then that, you can do 8 different exercise’s. Then cardio for 30 minutes, but I tend to go further on the bike. And I am chomping at the bit to get my bike back out on the streets!

So now I’m back in the rhythm of going 5-6 days a week! I always go earlier then later, usually &30 is ideal. The gym is usually emptied out from the morning bizz people. But seeing some of those hard bodied men in their business attire… A total motivator too! Nothing like a well dressed man to get your mind, in the I have to get fit, mindset!

Not that I am comparing myself to anyone, because I don’t need too. I got what I got and now I know how to make it great!

Working out for me is not just about looking great naked, its all about my health and the hot body is a secondary benefit! Total body fitness makes your whole great! MIND AND BODY! As I had previously mentioned I had bad mood swings. Now I am waaaay more stable, I hope! Its a beautiful feeling!

Working out rids your body of toxins, and burns off fat and cholesterol. Strengthens your body and reduces stress! That should sell to anyone to get their butts into a working out regime. For me it started with a 20 minute walk at night. it is not hard to do! If I could do it at 362lbs there is no reason why anyone cant!!

Its called get over your ego! Get over your embarrassment! What I have found at the gym is this; ya there are overweight people in the gym, but y’know what we are there to workout! And I have praise for all those people who are putting in the effort to get healthy!

Ya I called people fat, because I was.My environment had only shown me to be negative. And calling them fat made me feel better. Because I was so low. But now I secretly cheer those overweight people who show up to the gym!! In my head I scream,”GOOD ON YA!!” And they too inspire me to keep pushing! The gym, despite all of its microbial grossness, public nudity, and sweat equity is a great place to be!

My get up and go fuel!

I also started my days a week ago with fruit smoothies, which has in it: two kale sprigs,handful of spinach, about 5 tbl spoons of raspberries, blueberries a green apple a banana and a scoop of vegan protein powder (Vega Sport, which has 26 grams of protein per scoop). Topped with almond milk! Who needs caffeine when…! I make about 2 liters every morning! And drink 1 liter prior to the gym. When I get home I add another scoop of protein powder and a little more almond milk and finish it off. And Im good for the morning!

I had to stop with oatmeal or granola for breakfast. I found all day the crazy craving for more carbs was realllly annoying! And being that I am an addictive person. This Queen needs to slim down and do it on a full stomach!!

So in the last week of giving up that carb breaky, which was HARD, I had a few days of fuzzy head. But that is gone now. And I can have all my fruit for the day with veggies, and protein. And I can have almost two liters of it, and not feel guilty! Again you reading this are also on my journey too!! I do feel that giving up that sugar spiking, carb breakfast. Your day will have more energy without that 2pm crash!

When I am at work I take a banana, a green apple, and a grapefruit or an orange, and a salad. My dressing is homemade, with veganaisse balsamic vinegar, a little olive oil and spices, similar to my fav ranch dressing! Its that easy!

And trust me that smoothie fills me up so well, I dont get that awful hunger pain at all!
And with working out you need to nourish your body properly! Protein is so very important! And if you are vegan meat is not on this menu! And beans are a little hard to take in at 6 am! So I recommend a vegan protein shake!

Until my next blog post take care my friends! And remember if it had a face it shouldn’t be eaten!


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