Stay strong!!!

I must say that today living the vegan life was tempted! But i did not give in as should you!

It was a long day, with the last of my day the longest. Needing to pick up cat litter i found myself perched in front of the beloved CHIPS!

Oh it was going to be the toughest moment of my day! It was I tell ya!! A big bag of salty flavoured (ketchup twas going to be my prey last night!) and a litre of Pepsi! Oh how I salivated over that combo last night!!

But my desire for a quick fix was soon quenched when I thought about the red dyes, the refined sugars, the carbonate leeching calcium out of my bones. Not to mention my arteries hardening from all the salt!! Oh how that cleared my mind!

So instead my friends, I went home diced up romaine, opened a can of bean medley, chopped some parsley. Onion, added balsamic olive oil, and fried me up a falafel paddy! Dinner was awesome! And it took 10 minutes!!

A whole food dinner, filled my belly to the top! And I didnt have a want for anything after that!

These temptations are always going to be there. But they always leave you wanting more!

So to that I say stay strong! If this hardcore snack fiend can say mo o crap “foods” anyone can!!!

Have a fabulous day all!! Stay Pretty! Stay STRONG!!


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