Your day to day Vegan, moving to the Green Side!

Well its been awhile my friends, been a busy boy! Cooking up a storm! Working like mad, and living life!

So now that I have re-grouped and settled down some. I am at the blog again! 

If you are a person looking to move your life over to the Green Side, you might wonder where and how to start. My best advice to you is start in your own fridge and pantry.  If your food stores are abundant of pre-packaged, preservative and fat filled items toss them. Some may think that because it is convenient and tasty, it should be good, right? But that is the furthest from the truth. 

Modified and designed foods are no longer foods.  They become a product. The refining, preserving of foods, usually means that the good parts of the whole food ingredients have been removed, and preservatives, sugars, and salt have been added. 

For example, look at the newest breakfast bar fad. A granola bar, one bar can have 125-180 calories per bar, also added sugar, and salt. Then the list of ingredients that are hard to pronounce exceed the whole food ingredients.
What these products are DESIGNED to do is taste good, and be quick about it. But they are fast to digest, because they are full of refined,(already broken down and simplified) items. They have been created to appeal to your cravings, not your nutritional needs.

The best designed foods are designed by MOMMA NATURE!

So take those products out of your cupboards. And never look back. They spike your blood sugar levels, and always leave you hungry. For me, when I used to buy granola bars, which usually come in a 4 pack. Id eat all 4 in one sitting. Some of you may do that too. Even though I was not satisfied, full, I felt like I was being health conscious, because it was granola after all.

Eating whole foods, are just that, whole. I like to look at whole foods this way, they really do fill the hole! I am a ravenous person, I can consume large amounts of food in on day, I am 6’3″. But since moving to a whole food diet, I now know what full really is! For breakfast, I alternate between oatmeal or fruit smoothies. I do use a vegan protein shake in my smoothies, but the ingredients are from whole foods, for the most part. From when I used eat a sugar cereal, with 2% milk, easily i could eat 3 cups. And oddly enough it takes 1 hour to digest 1 cup of cow’s milk.

But yet after an hour maybe 2, I’d be hungry again. Now I can have a cup of cooked oatmeal with agave syrup or honey (now all PETA vegans chill, the bee throws up, and lives on, and it tastes great with plenty of health benefits) with a tea or coffee, and Im full for hours, without the sugar crash, after an hour.

Now for those of you who are looking at tips to keep a whole food diet through your day, GRAZE all day! Snacks are easier then you might think. Not only having whole food snacks on hand, keeps your packaging waste down, you wont be buying overpriced packaged items. For instance 6 apples is approx $2.75-$3. and will last days. A bag of chips and a soda is over $3. And lasts minutes.

Look at a chocolate bar, 180 calories, full of refined white sugar,(refined white sugar has been linked to feeding cancerous tumours) and a list of preservatives to long to list. Takes less then 5 minutes to eat, and after an hour you will crash and feel less then par. Where as 3 large strawberries a handful of mixed nuts, and an apple takes a little longer to eat but your body will also take alot longer to break down, and you wont have the sugar hi and low effect.

Now speaking of nuts.

Nuts are an awesome source of protein, omega 3’s, fiber, and energy! They are filling and take awhile to digest, which means hunger pangs disappear, and your day can move on without hi’s and lows.

Now buying nuts, I always go to a bulk food store. I can reduce packaging waste by taking my own containers to fill, it is way cheaper to buy a pound of mixed nuts there, then smaller packages at a regular grocer. And I can easily grab a handful for a snack. And $12-$15 worth of bulk nuts will last me two and a half to 3 weeks. $12-$15 worth of chips, maybe a week.

Not only is buying whole food better for you, you wont be eating chemicals and pounds refined white sugars every year, your pocket book will feel the ease as well.

If you are a person who needs to have a lunch, my best advice take leftovers from the day before! Reduce your food wastage! I find that when I make dinner now, I make sure I make enough to take a meal with me to work. Especially if I have a day that is going to be an 8 or 10 hour day.

Now speaking of dinner, what does a big ole boy like me eat for dinner. Well I live and love all beans!! Lentils!! OMG LENTILS!! I love chilli, curry, stir fry’s, casseroles, salads, and SOUPS!!! And the best part is, I can stuff my face with as much veggie foods as I can, because I am a person who neeeds that full feeling, and not feel one bit guilty! Well not feeling guilt unless I make a garlic mashed potato pot. A guilty pleasure of mine!

Now speaking of mashed spuds. I have found that any meal the requires butter or margarine, use olive oil or peanut oil, even almond oil! And you wont miss the hard cow fat flavour, or margarine,(which was invented to fatten up cattle) at all! I never get heartburn or indigestion either!

Well My friends I have to start my fabulous day! Ill Start blogging meal ideas later! Hope you all enjoyed the read!! And let me know what you think too!

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